Medicine Bird is a blues-drenched, Southern Rock n’ Roll band fueled by the songwriting partnership of Jeremy White and Tobin Dale. Combining elements of the best of American Roots music with the swagger and attitude of timeless Rock n’ Roll, Medicine Bird is a loud, defiant heartbeat in the face of those who’ve proclaimed “rock is dead”. 

Two southern-born veterans of the LA rock scene, White and Dale’s songwriting shows depth and maturity while remaining grounded in the struggles of everyman. Jeremy’s lyrics are both poetic and authentic; delivered with gusto and an earnest conviction through his seasoned, gritty voice, while Tobin’s dynamic approach to guitar can drone with hypnotic, open-tuned riffs or soar with blistering slide runs.



Each having both feet firmly planted in the Mississippi Delta, White and Dale through Medicine Bird have conjured a potent mix of country, soul, and folk that take their brand of blues rock from traditional to innovative.

Now based in Nashville, Medicine Bird’s debut EP is set for a February 2018 release.


Photographer: Michael Jenkins T3 Photography Nashville